Lessons to learn from great companies like Hostdime: Global Hosting, Personalized!

It was sometime back in 2002 I was referred to Hostdime by a friend of mine and back then I wanted somewhere cheap to host my ‘business idea‘ (It had a different brand name back then) I had. Hostdime was cheap comparing to the others we found and so went ahead with them. Around 2o03, I was going schooling at Southern Arkansas University and I still had the basic hosting account. I remember I used to dial the FL local number they had and Manny Vivar (founder and the current VP of global operations) used to answer the pone in the middle of the night.

Around 2004 while having the hostdime account I did try out some of the other companies like Godaddy, 1&1 and Aplus.net, etc where I ran in to disasters with. I had dedicated servers with Godaddy at one time and it became a nightmare. I could not get them to do anything unless I pay their ‘extra charges’ they had coming up with. The servers did not boot and they still would not do anything about it; sure enough they wanted me to get their ‘manages servers‘ priced probably three times of unmanaged back then. With 1&1, I ended up talking to customer services they in Philippines and was kept on hold for hours and hours. Aplus.net probably had one of the worse customer services as well.

All these times I always had Hostdime accounts and it very surprisingly they had been changing their systems, adding employees, improving customer support every day and night. Around 2007 I looked back of everything they had done and I really was surprised! A lot of hosting companies have both managed and unmanaged hosting models and I started to think what the difference is. With hostdime, I felt like everything was managed, customer support was very impressive and it still is. They were all about serving clients than making another sale.

I surely learnt a lot all the years just by looking at what changes Manny has made to Hostdime. He has certainly made Hostdime the Zappos of hosting in this decade. We too resell a lot of their hosting services to our clients and they have been a great partner in our business processes.

If Manny writes a book on Business Development, I would buy it in a heart beat! šŸ™‚

PS: By the way, do not believe what some of these hosting reviews sites will tell you.


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