How We Added the ‘TWiST’ to Colombo: The Rise of New Silicon Reef!

It’s been ‘something!’ Over the effort that was put in, it was great to work with the start-ups from Colombo and share their experiences and work with them to pitch at the most viewed start-up talk show in the world, This Week in Start-ups. I couldn’t have done this if it was not for couple of people who helped the cause in so many ways. A BIG BIG Thank You to Dr. Ajith Madurapperuma who is now at NUS, Ruwindhu Peiris from Stax, Chandika from Creately, Madu Ratnayake (who’s been helping secretly behind the scenes 🙂 ), Jeevan from Orion City and all the others I did not mention here. Oh yes, and rest of my team here at Centuryware. On Jason’s end, Zack, Brandyce, Carolyn, Tyler, thank you so much guys for all your support! Of cause, Shamal came in with a very short notice and was incredible during the program. Everyone down in Colombo loved his comments as well. (‘When the technology is not good enough, the integrated solution wins! – Shamal’)

Best of luck to all startups that pitched at the event and I am sure there was valuable feedback given my Jason, Shamal and Tyler. Let Go! was selected as the best start-ups because of its innovative approach in the mobile space. Please do enjoy the episode if you have not seen it already and we will soon be planning the next TWiST meetup, bigger and better!

Program Timeline
1:00-2:00 Welcome everyone to the first TWiST Sri Lanka meetup!
2:00-4:30 We’re very excited to hear from five startups in Sri Lanka today.
4:30-7:30 With us today is Shamal Ranasinghe, one of the co-founders of Topspin Media. Welcome Shamal!
7:30-9:00 Are the Sri Lankans an industrious people?
9:00-11:00 Thank you to Sourcebits for sponsoring the show!
11:00-12:30 Sesiri, what do you do in Sri Lanka?
12:30-16:00 Buddhika Siddhisena pitches ZoomBa, an enterprise app that helps increase employee collaboration and IT infrastructure functionalities.
16:00-17:45 What are some of the services you provide?
17:45-19:00 Do customers want the CRM services that you’re offering, as opposed to going with another provider?
19:00-22:30 Shamal offers his feedback.
22:30-24:00 Next is Jehan Bastian from eDGEVANTAGE, which offers web-based document and workflow management support.
24:00-25:30 I think we understand the idea. Who are your big clients?
25:30-27:30 What open-source software is this built off of?
27:30-28:45 Shamal, what are your thoughts about going up against big companies like this?
28:45-33:00 Thank you to GoToMeeting for supporting the program!
33:00-34:30 Mangala Karunaratne pitches Xaffo, which is like Google Analytics for social media.
34:30-36:30 Is this product launched already?
36:30-36:45 Working on a low price isn’t as important as working on a killer feature.
36:45-41:30 Shamal: It’s a crowded space and anything you can do to focus on ROI for the user would be a good way to go.
41:30-44:45 Next we have Ehantha Sirisena pitching OWI Systems, a customizable hospitality solution for restaurants and clubs.
44:45-45:30 How long have you been around?
45:30-46:15 Tyler: Because it’s so broad, it’s hard to follow in a pitch. You’re better off focusing on one problem you’re solving.
46:15-48:45 Shamal: The pitch started off strong, but then it went in so many directions.
48:45-50:15 What’s the technological foundation in Sri Lanka?
50:15-52:15 Last to pitch is Ashoka Ekanayake of Let Go! App, a system for helping you manage and improve your emotional intelligence.
52:15-54:15 The name is ok, but the logo is bad. This is certainly the most original idea of the group.
54:15-56:00 Tyler: It would be amazing if you could tie this to your heart rate.
56:00-58:45 Shamal: I like emotional intelligence and I like the concept.
58:45-01:00:45 An insight from Tyler: This is like an out of work developer.
01:00:45-01:03:15 You just don’t want this app to be enabling.
01:03:15-01:08:30 Why did you build this, Ashoka?
01:08:30-01:10:30 Let Go! App is declared the clear winner! After a vote, second place goes to eDGEVANTAGE.
01:10:30-01:13:00 Thank you to everyone in Sri Lanka and thank you Sesiri for organizing! We’ll see you next time.

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