South Asia Mobile Conference 2012

Kudos to Reshan and the team for the well execution of third South Asia Mobile Con, much better than the previous two. For only $22 per person, it was purely worth it. From what I have heard, it had costed ICTA nearly $65 per person and the only reason they had a price tag there was that they did not want all students to come and occupy the space, which I think was a good idea. I had many of my friends wanting to come the last minute, but the event was sold out (For those who could not make it, I am sorry, I told you guys to sign up prior).

I have to admit, there were some great speeches. Of cause I don’t look at work from a ‘Motivational Speaking‘ point of view (Mainly because I don’t think I need be motivated), but some may very well need it. I loved the speeches by some of the entrepreneurs who have made it happen. Their insights were very valuable. Shamal, Suren (Suren, geez man, change your twitter ID to something we can remember and keep it active! 😉 ), Dr. Rao and Dumindra had some very value info together. I really loved Suren’s speech, I gotta be honest with you. Shamal’s comment on the influencers really got me thinking about some of the sales practices we had been focusing on.

You can see the pictures and the slides on the Mobicon website.


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