I Am Already Minus on Google Plus!

Heck, we all know the next phase of Search is Social! Google didn’t put out G+ just to compete with Facebook; even a cave man can understand it. For a better search experience, social data matters. Wouldn’t it be really cool if you are travelling to Barcelona, you find out two of your friends have been there, or you are trying to decide whether to go for an iPhone or an Android and you get some feedback from people in your social graph about which one is better by reading their posts or blog articles or what not? Yes it is pretty cool. Google’s approach to social search with Google+ has not seem to work yet and I see the execution was a disaster. Google Plus came out with very minimal studying in social as a knee-jerk reaction to Facebook’s massive increase of it’s user base last few years.

Too much buzz! Google advertised G+ on TV, all over internet and anywhere you can think of! When the product finally came out, it was not this world changing social network that was going to outrun Facebook. It purely sucked! Remember when Gmail came out? It took them a while to open it to the public and when it was finally done, it was this amazing email service everybody had fallen in love with.

I have nothing to do there. Everyday I log in, scroll down and close the tab. Where as, in Facebook, there’s much more to do. Look at events, news feed, groups, pages, etc. There’s a lot of activity there. Hangouts was really the only unique thing that was there in G+ and that too seems to replace Yahoo video chat rooms that was shut down years back.

Where is the addictiveness? I have nothing that makes me come back to G+ and do anything with it. Facebook’s majority of the early stage (and even now in many angles) success was the tapping of the human interaction and social data. Everyone wanted to check Jessica is dating someone. People loved the fact that they were able to communicate offline (Yes it is online, but not in person). It would have been really cool if the second tab on G+ was ‘Gmail’ with how many number of unread messages OR if the third tab was Google Groups which I use everyday. I still have no freaking clue where my friends and contacts are on G+. I have a gmail account that has nearly 4000+ contacts and I have no idea where I can see these guys other than the automatic recommendation I get on the third column.

Why kill all cool stuff? I had Google Docs working so well. Like Andrew from Mixergy.com mentioned, they simply saw the Dropbox’s success and decided have a dropbox copy within Google killing all coolness they had on Docs. Right now, I am scared to save documents on Drive. Internally we had a shared drive with several employees and one happened to delete all the files accidently on the local machine and everyone lost access to the files on Drive. We just didn’t lose access, the files were gone. Didn’t they plan on Google Drive for ages? Wouldn’t it be a cool to have updates on collaborative document changes on the G+ newsfeed?

Where’s the core DNA? Google’s DNA in Search. Where’s search on G+? Forget Search on Google Plus, even document search doesn’t seem to work right now.

What do I really get? I get nothing. I log in to LinkedIn and connect with professionals. It’s a great tool to meet people, network with them professionally. I would look at LinkedIn profiles before I hire people. I get nothing by adding someone on Google Plus.

UX just sucks deep! I have been on Google Plus for so many months now and I still can’t figure out a lot of things. I have never taken this long to get used to a UX.

It would be so much better if the quality of the products and the integrations were focused on a few than trying to capture the whole world. When you do that silently, people don’t get upset, they don’t lose faith, they don’t have high expectation and be totally disappointed.

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