If You Want to go for the Big Bet and Change the World, Quit Whining!

Well, startups are different! They are not the same enterprise you’ve worked for or you’ve seen. You don’t work a 9 to 5, you don’t have paid vacations, you don’t do just one thing, hell, it is not a white collar job to begin with! Don’t work at a startup if you don’t want to change the world.

I have come across people who’ve talked a lot about this great idea that is going to move the human species forward or that great product that is going to create a dent in the universe (Sometimes I have even hired the ones that I thought might be a great fit too), but there’s only a handful of people who are really willing to go through what it takes to make things really happen. An average person can only take so much of pain; they just give up! Sometimes it’s better to just give up than whining about things day in day out. Some people forget to realize themselves are the real issue to begin with. The nature of a startup is that, if one process fails or lacks in performance, it effects to everyone else.

Take Action!
Only a very few people ever live to become the successful story they dream about. Some people watch a lot of Steve Jobs videos, Pirates of Silicon Valley and try to remember each and every line. That does not make you a success story. Take action! Don’t sleep 8 hours a day and try to be that success story. It just does not work with startups. Jack Dorsey still puts 16 hours a day among Twitter and Square. Take immediate action for whatever the  issues that comes across while being really analytic about the choices.

Build the Team
Don’t whine with The Team you are trying build. That is a real no no. You have to keep them mentally healthy. You can’t go back to ground zero and take the team down with you. If you don’t have any b**** to stand up for what you believe in, leave!

Quit Playing the Blame Game
A successful business is all about taking well informed, logical decisions. Change what does not work, quit repeating the same blame game over and over. Nobody gets it right the first time, you are not born with knowing how to do everything right. What matters is how fast, how often you change the things that don’t work right. Micro manage every issue and make logical decisions. If you’ve only had a few years in the startup game, there’s a lot more to go. What you did for the past few years is not what you are going to be doing the next few years. It’s a learning curve every step of the way until you create the first successful company.

Lose Everyone Who Drags You Back!
You just can’t afford to have people slowing you down. It is  game, you don’t win if you don’t play right, faster than others. If you have people who whine every time, cut them lose. It is a lot of bad energy to spend time on.

Entrepreneurship is a career. It’s a scientific management (The Lean Startup is my bible of product development). You do need time to recharge yourself. I never ask my team to work on weekends unless it’s critical issue, but the issue is when some don’t put in enough hours during the weekdays. If you are a key player in a startup, going for the big bet, you are automatically entitled to do whatever it takes to deliver results. If you think it is too hard for you and you like the rice picker job, go get one. Don’t expect the big bet, if you are not ready to put in whatever it takes to deliver results.


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