Mark Suster And This Week in VC Are Back!

I was searching for Eric Ries videos on youtube and accidently(Isn’t accidently a word?) landed on his video with Mark Suster on This Week in Venture Capital a few days back. I was thinking to myself, ‘Wait a mint.. What the heck happened to This Week in VC??’ I thinking about dropping an email to This Week in Crew to get an answer. There comes and email from TWiST and it said ‘This Week in Startups – Mark Suster GRP Partners.’ I was thinking to myself, ‘great! I can find out what the guy has been up to..’

Mark Suster has been very inspirational to me in many ways. I used to quote him, send his posts to my co-workers and fellow entrepreneurs I come across. I don’t even remember how many times I went through his post ‘Intros!’ I always loved the authenticity he brings on to the table. You can really get to know the both sides of the table well enough to make very analytical decisions.

You can follow Mark on Twitter and watch the whole episode below. Mark will be back on This Week In VC again from August 2nd week on-wards!

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